Wind Turbine Packages Vs Solar Technology Solutions

If you take the time to analyze wind turbine kits you should also look into the concept of solar power as an adjunct to your plans. The basics of power harvesting are about the same and the systems are very similar. The best way to get going with renewable might be to employ a device like a hybrid that uses both technologies.

There are many things that are alike between the 2 concepts:
Ultimately, all renewable energy comes from the sun. The sun obviously supplies the radiation that heats the collector panels but it also causes most of the wind. The way it does that is by heating the ground and the heat radiating from the ground heats and expands the surrounding air. That dissipation of heat from the ground is what causes the vast majority of our wind.
Both need a power inverter to finally convert the mechanical or heat energy into AC or alternating current that can be used in an energy consuming system. The power inverter is needed with both a solar panel and wind turbine kits (but not when you are only charging a battery). Not everything is a similarity though. In a several ways these systems are also not alike:
First of all solar has no moving parts and is a very passive form of energy production. The units themselves are very low-profile and aren't really an issue for neighbors like windmills can be.Solar also isn't constrained by physical stress limits like a wind turbine is. Windmills cannot operate in super high wind conditions. They will "furl" to keep from destroying themselves in a storm for example. Both of these renewable power creation systems have their pros and cons and there is no reason to categorically rule either one out unless you happened to be constrained by local ordinance, as is often the case with windmills.
If we are going to wean ourselves from fossil fuels and get ourselves off the electricity grid, we are going to have to start getting serious about both of these technologies. The hybrid versions of these products will continue to capture market share and prices will keep coming down accordingly.
As prices drop, it won't matter so much about whether you happen to live in an area of the country that has a certain number of good days for sun or enough wind speed for a windmill - as it does now.
Summarizing - it is wise to be careful in your analysis of all available home energy systems that use renewable sources. Wind turbine kits and solar collectors are not in any way incompatible.
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